Yes, I’m a monkey in a world of change… but so are you!

I don’t think there is a single label to describe my curiosity, so here are a few creative titles: Sorcerer of Innovation, Artificial Intelligence Alchemists, Trend/Future Watcher, Keynote Speaker, and … very proud to be the Product Owner of K’Ching, a financial innovation platform focused on youngsters.


As a senior Business Analyst (freelance), with over 20 years of industry experience, I’m focused on innovative initiatives for enterprise customers. I’ve had the privilege to work for several industry leading companies; including KBC, Microsoft, Cronos, Hewlett Packard (Compaq), AB Inbev (Interbrew) and Proximus (Belgacom).

In my career, I have moved from technical roles into business responsibilities. The technical background and insight I’ve gained, combined with strong business and communications skill, have resulted in multiple job responsibilities: from Architect to Project and Engagement Manager, Business Analyst and finally into an Innovation Management role.

In my work, I’m most passionate about assignments that challenge me to look for innovative digital trends, envisioning a future state, and implementing the individual innovations. I actually love projects with a high degree of uncertainty.

At KBC (a Belgian Bank & Insurance company), I’m currently assigned as Innovation Manager (focused as a Business Analyst on Trend-Driven Innovations) and as Product Owner (focused on the K’Ching innovation platform).

In combination with the professional activities above, I’ve founded, owned and managed the business of several small companies. The challenge to launch new initiatives remains deeply embedded into my chromosomes.

Finally, I love sharing innovative future insights with like-minded people… and this is the purpose of this blog (or my presentations).


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